The Role

As a Year Representative, you work together with other students from the same study year to improve the quality of the courses. The meetings last about one to two hours and will be held at the end of each block. This is a favorable period, because this is a relatively quiet period for many students. The meetings will be chaired by a Quest board member and the programme director or coordinator will also be present. The goal is to discuss ways to improve the programme and to produce qualitative feedback that cannot be obtained in another way. Topics that will be discussed are e.g. the course objectives, tutorials, reading material, lecturers, and exams.

The Benefits

You will help the Faculty of Economics and Business improve the quality of their programmes, which is really valued. Furthermore, by being a Year Representative you will gain some valuable extra-curricular experience that helps your CV stand out more. Furthermore, the Board has decided to formalize the Year Representative function, in the form of a Certificate. This Certificate will yield as a proof to external parties (e.g. study associations, companies) that the student was indeed doing extra-curricular activities besides the studies. You will also learn how to form feedback and be comfortable sharing it in front of a superior. You will also get the chance to get a better insight into the faculty, and get your own input in the quality of their program. Besides this you will get to know more people and broaden your network!

In addition being an Year Representative does not take much time. The meetings last a maximum of 2 hours and the preparation for a meeting takes about 30 minutes so it’s not that time consuming.


Application for the academic year 2023-2024s Year Representatives are closed, however, if you are interested we will try and make a spot for you! If you wish to benefit from this experience and support the improvement of the quality of your faculty, please send an email with your CV or LinkedIn profile and a brief motivation to mentioning your program and year of study.