The Quest board 2018-2019 consist of the following four members:

Olaf Legtenberg – Chairman

My name is Olaf Legtenberg, and I am very happy to be the chairman of the Quest board 2018-2019! I am currently twenty-one years old, and grew up in Winterswijk, which is in the eastern part of the Netherlands. My study career started three years ago, when I started to study Econometrics and Operations research at the UG. In that time I have been both a Year Representative and a member of Vesting.

With only a few courses left for the next academic year, I decided to fill my time with some extracurricular activities, such as the Quest board. Alongside university, I am interested in sports, watching series and hanging out with friends. During the upcoming year I hope to develop myself and to improve my organizational and planning skills, and making the FEB even better than it is right now.

I am looking forward to doing so with my fellow board members and hope to make this an unforgettable year!

Tobias Hooghiem – Finance

My name is Tobias Hooghiem, I am from a small town, twenty kilometres north-east of Groningen called Slochteren. In September I will start my 3rd year of Business Administration (A&C track). I am very excited to start in the Quest board as Finance officer next year. After being a Year Representative I discovered how much the Faculty values our feedback. Besides my 3rd year and the Quest Board, I will also become a Teaching Assistant for a second year BA course.

In my spare time I like to do sport in a variety of ways e.g. tennis, cycling, football. Until this summer I was a member of a small football club in my town, I decided to quit to look for other sports as well. Beside sports, I have a broad interest in financial markets and like to listen/ create some music.

Together with the rest of our board I hope we can achieve some great things to enhance the quality of our education here at the Faculty. I hope to develop myself in every way possible. I am really looking forward to next year which will bring many challenges and experiences. Above all I hope to enjoy next year with my fellow board members and communicate with you guys at the Faculty.

Sean Ebejer-Redmen – Internal & External Affairs

My name is Sean Ebejer-Redmen and I am currently a first year International Business student. I am twenty years old and have been born and raised in Bremen, Germany, although I actually have a British and South African background. This year I have been a Year Representative for QUEST and this encouraged me to apply for a position on the QUEST board 2018-2019.  

I feel enthusiastic about travelling and sports. Over the years I have travelled all around the globe. My main active sports are squash, running and swimming.

Central objectives I want to achieve during the year include enhancing the study contents and settings for the future FEB students. More specifically, I want to focus on fairness and transparency of grading, and support the students with study augmenting opportunities.

I am looking forward to the coming year, working together with the other board members. I hope we can have an impact for the following students.

Karishma Hiro Ramchand – Marketing and Technology

My name is Karishma Hiro Ramchand, I am honoured to introduce myself as the Chief Officer of Marketing and Technology for the Quest board of 2018-2019. I am currently twenty years old and come from a diverse background as I am ethnically Indian, but was born and raised in Portugal and lived the majority of my life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I recently found my way to the Netherlands to start my studies at the UG earlier this academic year in BSC Economics and Business Economics.

During this year I was an active EBF member in the International Committee wherein, together with my committee members we had to organize two major events that were aimed at creating cultural awareness amongst the university. Alongside with the EBF, I am currently a Quest Year Representative where I learned the importance of quality education hence, making the next logical step to apply for a position on the board.

Alongside university you can find me travelling and exploring different countries and cultures, taking photographs and spending quality time with friends.

For the upcoming year, I am looking forward to not only developing myself as a person, but also to implementing new creative techniques to make Quest stand out in order to improve and develop the educational quality at FEB together with my fellow board members and I hope to make this a memorable year.

From left to right: Sean Ebejer-Redmen, Olaf Legtenberg, Karishma Hiro Ramchand, Tobias Hooghiem