Quest stands for Quality of Education for Students. We are an independent group of students that works with the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the University of Groningen, to maintain and improve the high quality of education. We aim to preserve the high education standards and ranking of the university (Top 100 worldwide) and directly engage students in the process. We do so by organizing meetings for each program where student representatives join to evaluate the quality of their courses and discuss improvements with the program directors. We also fill student positions in program committees with staff members where teaching and exam regulations are discussed and improved. Finally, we participate in different projects led by the faculty aimed at improving the quality of education. Our members are always available to answer questions related to education at the FEB and to answer concerns related to a course or program. For more information, contact info@questgroningen.nl. Our office at the center of the Duisenberg plaza is opened (see contact for opening hours)!

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