The Quest Board consists of three members who work together on all the aspects involving Quest. The Board members for 2016-2017 are Carien Mulder, Burak Alp and Thomas Alberts. If you wish to contact any of the board members, please send an e-mail to

Carien Mulder

My name is Carien Mulder and I have just started on my Master Supply Chain Management. A little more than three years ago I moved from The Hague to Groningen for my studies EOR, which has been the start of an amazing time in Groningen. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and rowing team and as of this year I am also a member of the Basketball association the Groene Uilen.

Last year I got in contact with Quest when I became a year representative. In that year I realized how useful but also very interesting it is to discuss your courses with fellow students. Being the chairwoman of the Quest board 2016-2017 allowed me to get even more in contact with teachers, program directors, coordinators and other staff and it showed me that all those comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated by them.

So being a YR or joining a PC is not only very beneficial for your own development, you will also be partly responsible for improving the quality of the education of this faculty even more. I hope you will consider being part of this organisation, in which case I will see you around!


Burak Alp

My name is Burak Alp. Starting off with studying Sociology, I switched to the BSc Econometrics & Operations Research three years ago and in September 2016 I started with the master Actuarial Studies. Outside of the university, I like to do various things like basketball and football. I also like to do less sport-like things such as watching movies/series and hang out with friends.

Also, when I can find some free time, I like to play video games accompanied with pizza. In my third year of EOR, I decided to apply for a position as a year representative. For me, it was a very fun and useful experience to be more involved with my study programme, and to get some experience in voicing my ideas and opinions to my fellow students, the program directors and coordinators.

This also made the transition from YR to the Quest board 2016-2017 rather smooth, as I already had experience with the activities of Quest. From the positive comments of the program directors/coordinators I see that my contribution as a YR was not only beneficial to me, but also to the faculty. So do both yourself and the faculty a great pleasure and apply!


Thomas Alberts

I am Thomas Alberts. I am nineteen years old and currently in my second year of the BSc International Business. I am from a small town near Groningen, and moved to this beautiful city recently. In my spare time I like to read, play videogames and hang out with friends.

Last year I became a year representative for Quest. Later that year I was asked to apply for the board, and now I am their new Marketing and Finance Officer. I look forward to working together with Burak, Carien and all other the students of our faculty, so that together we can ensure and improve the quality of education of this faculty.

Within Quest I will be mainly responsible for the bachelor programmes of International Business and Business Administration (Bedrijfskunde). I will also handle the meetings discussing the minors, and the pre-masters. Moreover, I have two master programmes which are HRM and Marketing . So, if you are in one of those programmes I surely hope you apply!

I hope to see you soon,


From left to right: Thomas, Carien & Burak