General questions

We welcome any suggestions or issues you may have, and we take these seriously. We will do everything to keep improving. If you have a complaint about a course, we will send these to the course coordinator. However, we do not mention your name or any other things that may lead back to you, so we send these complaints or issues anonymously. We do this to ensure you can say anything about a course, without having to worry about possible consequences.

The midterm evaluation is an opportunity for lecturers to get an evaluation of the course in the middle of the block. This is meant to evaluate if something needs to be changed or improved right away, to finish the depending block. Quest is responsible to upload those evaluations on the nestor page so students can fill it in.

The minutes of the YR meetings are passed along to the PCs, and serve as input for their discussions. Therefore, you would be saying and discussing the same thing twice in the meetings. It is also to ensure that there is a wide range of students who give their opinion about the courses and the programme.

Year Representation

To obtain the Certificate, the student has to meet the following requirements:

  • The student must be present at all the YR-meetings of the year
  • Fill in the end of the year survey that you will receive from Quest

The Board considers the student to be present when:

a) the student is present in person at the scheduled meeting, or

b) the student informs the Board that he/she cannot be present at the scheduled meeting and hands in a written evaluation 24 hours before this scheduled meeting takes place. (This respective written evaluation must conform to the points on the agenda)

Yes, this is possible. However, we prefer to not have complete groups of friends as the YR or PC. This would make the group not diverse enough, and not all issues would be discussed. For example, if you and your friends are all in the same workgroup, we would not get feedback about the other workgroups a course may have. So therefore we make sure that the group is diverse enough to get the widest range of feedback possible.

During the block, you should make notes of any issues you face in your courses and/or programme. Also, you should ask your fellow students if they experience any issues, and note them down as well. This happens quite organically, as you often notice from your friends, or working group colleagues if there are problems within a course.
Furthermore, you will have to read through the agenda points prior to the meeting and write down some discussion points. This ensures that everyone has thought about the points that will be discussed. For the YR, this preparation should not take more than an hour. The meetings on itself do not last more than 2 hours each.

Yes! You are a representative of your fellow students. Therefore, you should find out what your fellow students think of the courses. So, it is not only about your own opinions, but also about the opinions and thoughts of all the students of the programme. Since you are representing your fellow students.

Programme Committee

The same thing here applies as with the YR: yes, it is possible. However, we are trying to get a diverse group of students for both YR and PC and that will not always be the case with a group of friends, but do not let that hold you back to apply!

Certain programme committee will provide you with more information about how the Faculty works prior to the actual meetings. Furthermore, we refer you to the PC information page video which will definitely be helpful for you.

Quest is in constant contact with the secretariat of the Faculty Board (FB) about the number of vacancies in the Programme Committees (PCs). When necessary, we also contact the PCs themselves about their preferences. We have three moments in the year that we recruit new PC members: in September/October, February, and June.

When Quest has selected a student to become a PC member, we draw up a motivation letter. All these letters are sent to the Faculty Council (FC) to be approved officially. When the students are approved by the FC, the PCs will be informed about this. They arrange the paperwork and will email the students about the first meeting.

Board Recruitment

Around May of each academic year, but keep an eye out on our socials to be the first to know!

The Quest board is part-time, meaning that you can easily combine it with your studies! The activities as a Quest board member will cost you approximately 12 hours per week, but this fluctuates throughout the year and depends a bit on the function. At the beginning of the year, you will be busy with setting up your policy plan and recruiting the YRs and PC members. Other weeks when you have no YR meetings will be relatively easy going. To know more about the specific tasks per board member, please look at this page.

No; we welcome all nationalities! The only requirement is that you are enrolled in a programme at the FEB.

No, when you meet your fellow board members and write your policy plan, you will divide the tasks in a way that fits you. There are some tasks that fit with a certain function, but other tasks can be divided as you please.

No, this is not required. However, it does give you the advantage of knowing how the YR and PC are organised, and what a Board Member is actually involved in. It makes it easier to get into your Board position, because you would already know quite some things about the YR or PC.

However, do not be discouraged to apply for the Quest board if you haven’t been a member of the YR or PC! We do have a transfer day to ensure you get all the information you need, and you can always contact the old board members with any questions you may have. Your motivation to become a Quest board member is the most important.

When you meet your new board, you will make a division of programmes (for the YR and recruiting for the PC) together with the old board. You can indicate your preferences and we will look at the number of meetings, to ensure that each board member has the same workload.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have other questions or remarks!