We are proud to announce the board of 2022-2023. Our team is happy with the mission to improve the quality of education at the FEB! If you want to join or get in contact with us you can send an e-mail to info@questgroningen.nl.

Siri Maringanti – Chair

Hello! I am Siri Maringanti, soon to be chairperson for QUEST. I study Economics and Business Economics. Diversity is one of the crucial parts of improving standards in a faculty as big as ours, and I wanted to be a part of an association that understood that. At QUEST we want our Year Representatives and Programme Committee members to join us to improve the quality of education within FEB by providing voices to students from various different backgrounds and interests. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Panagiotis Karagiannis – Secretary

Hi! My name is Panagiotis and I am the secretary of the 2022-2023 Quest board. I am from Greece, and I am currently in my third year of the program Economics & Business Economics.
As far as I am concerned, the improvement of the quality of education within the Faculty of Economics and Business is of utmost importance. Therefore, since students contribute a large part of the university, I have always wanted to grab the chance and be involved in the improvement of the education, and that is why I participated over the past few months as a Year Representative in Quest. This also made me realize that I want to continue to be part of Quest, and this time from a position which will also enable me to challenge myself, and thus I applied for the upcoming Board.
I am very excited to work with the Quest Board and I hope that we will be able to contribute in the best way possible.

Ilse van Duin – Treasurer

Hi! My name is Ilse and I am the treasurer of the Quest board 2022-2023. Besides being a board member at Quest, I am in my third year of bachelor Econometrics and Operations research.

I was not previously a YR member but over the last 2 years at the RUG, I noticed how important and valuable student opinions are. Quest provides this opportunity. I would like to play my part in this, and therefore I applied for the position as a board member.

I am looking forward to my year as a treasurer and hope to not only help improve the quality of education, but also make Quest in sharing your opinion approachable for everybody. I believe that with my fellow board members we can bring Quest under even more attention and help the quality of education of the FEB.

Ioana Dimitru – Marketing officer

Hello, my name is Ioana and I am the Marketing Officer of the 2022-ʼ23 Quest Board. I am from Romania, entering my master year in Marketing Management at the FEB.
My journey abroad started before Groningen. I have graduated with an International Hotel Management Bachelor degree, an experience which helped me develop my communication and teamwork skills, through a problem-based learning style. Along my journey as a hospitality student, I have improved my strategic thinking and management skills by taking the role of ”Head Catering Manager”. Throughout this experience, I explored how the different departments in the hotel and other facilities are connected and how they function together, and more importantly, how we could improve our operations. In my 3rd year, I decided to focus on digital marketing. Therefore, I followed 2 minors for 6 months, International Digital Marketing and Change Management, in Asia. To accomplish my educational background in marketing, in the last year the challenge was to finish an internship of 7 months in Brand Marketing, in Amsterdam. As I was more eager to develop my entrepreneurial skills, practice marketing and grow personally, I have started my own business in Romania.
As a Board Member of Quest, I wish to contribute to the key educational aspects which could improve the overall experience students have at the Faculty of Business of Administration. I am looking forward to starting the new academic year!

Chiel Evertz – PC-Commissioner 

Hello, my name is Chiel and I am the PC commissioner of the 2022-23’ Quest board. I am from around Groningen and entering my second year of Econometrics and Operations Research at the FEB.

During my first year at the FEB I was a Year Representative for Quest. I discussed the courses of my first year of Econometrics and Operations Research. I enjoyed this position and wanted to do something more challenging, therefore I applied for the board. I am the lucky person to fulfill the new PC Commissioner function. Quest did not have this function before, it will be a puzzle to fill in this role for the coming year. I am certain we can make this position have a positive impact on the quality at the FEB.

I can’t wait to cooperate with fellow students and staff members at the FEB. I am looking forward to the Quest board year 2022-23!

From left to right: Ioana Dimitriu, Panagiotis Karagiannis, Siri Maringanti, Ilse van Duin, Chiel Evertz