The Quest Board consists of four members who work together on all the aspects involving Quest. The Board members for 2017-2018 are Selwin Nixdorf, Silvia Dimitrova, Elena Agachi and Ivan Pettinga. If you wish to contact any of the board members, please send an e-mail to

Selwin Nixdorf, Chairman 

My name is Selwin Nixdorf, Pre-MSc student International Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. In the academic year of 2016 I finished my bachelor program Industrial Engineering and Management. Besides my studies I have been involved in the program committee of my bachelor degree, as improving the quality of educational programs is an important matter to me. By participating in the program committee I was able to get familiar with different aspects that influence the quality of education.  Since gaining and sharing knowledge is important I have also been working as student counselor. As student counselor I provided information to potential students about different studies. This was usually done by giving presentations at secondary high schools. Being a board member at Quest fits my personal ambition to play an active role in improving quality of educational programs. 

Silvia Dimitrova, Internal affairs and finance officer 

I am Silvia and I am a MSc student of Finance at the University of Groningen. Before that, I followed the 3-year bachelor programme Economics and Business Economics at the FEB. I have worked as a teaching assistant for various courses during my bachelor and I will continue to do so during my master. I have also been a mentor for first year students and incoming exchange students, to help them integrate at the faculty faster. The first time I got in touch with QUEST was during my first year at the university when I became a year representative. I became a programme committee member and a year representative again in the second and third year, respectively. Being a part of QUEST has helped me realize how beneficial such an organization is for a faculty that strives to be among the best in the country and how much more can still be improved for the students of FEB, and we will make sure to achieve that!

Elena Agachi, External affairs officer 

Second year Research Master international student, the track of Business Analytics and Econometrics. Before the Research Master, completed the Econometrics and Operations Research at the Faculty of Economics and Business, together with the Honours College. Has engaged in several student assistantships, mentor positions, coordinated the webclass and the matching class for Econometrics.

Ivan Pettinga, Marketing and technology officer 

I’m in my third year of Business administration following the track Technology Management.  I have been a year representative for QUEST and helped the previous with recruitment of students. After my bachelor degree I will pursue a Master Degree in Finance and Real Estate. As for my personal life I grew up in a painting company and did various jobs ranging from boat maintenance to mowing the lawn for people, in addition I do voluntary work for local organisations. I spend most of my time playing piano, swimming and reading about Finance.

From left to right: Silvia Dimitrova, Ivan Pettinga, Selwin Nixdorf and Elena Agachi