Year Representatives

The Year Representative committees consist of students from the same study year, who get together in a meeting 3 to 4 times a year after each block to evaluate the courses they attended.
At these meetings, which take approximately 1,5 hours, both a board member of Quest (who will preside the meeting) and the programme director and/or –coordinator of that study programme will be present. During these meetings, the YR students are asked to give their opinion about the courses, the lectures, the use of Nestor, the books, the teachers and the exams. It is important to know that everything students tell us is confidential, meaning that – for example – if you have a complaint about a teacher, you can freely mention it, without this having any negative consequences for you.

The Quest board member will make a report of each meeting, so that all relevant comments can be handed over to the programme director. He/she will then pass the complaints and compliments on to the right people (e.g. teachers). For example, the minutes of the meetings – together with the results of the online course evaluations – will be used during the assessment conversations the programme directors have with the teachers of their programme. Using this input, the teachers can improve their way of working.

As a Year Representative you represent all the students in your year. Since the opinions of the YR are taken very seriously by the faculty, it is important that you, as a YR, attend at least 50% of the classes and lectures to be able to give a clear an honest opinion. Moreover, you should have an idea about the opinions of your fellow students. It would therefore be an advantage if you know a lot of people from your studies who you can ask for input before a YR meeting.

The results of the YRs are published on Nestor in the form of improvement plans made by teachers. These can be found under the button ‘Onderwijskwaliteit’ in ‘Organizations’.

On this part of the website you will find all the Year Representative committees and their members. If you have remarks or complaints about something specific for your study, feel free to send an email to our e-mailaddress. To find the page of your programme, click on the button ‘Year Representative’ above and select bachelor or master.

If you are interested in becoming a year representative, please send an email with your CV and motivation letter to We aim to have the Year Representation selected before the first of October.