Programme Committees

Programme Committees (PCs) consist of both students and staff members of a study programme. Half of the members are staff and the other half are students from different years of the specific study programme.
The OCs meet 3 to 4 times a year, after the end of each block, to evaluate the implementation of the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

The main tasks of the Programme Committees are to issue advice on the teaching and examination regulations, to assess the implementation of these regulations and to issue solicited and unsolicited advice to the Faculty Board concerning all matters to do with teaching in the study programmes.

As a student member of a Programme Committee you have a chance to be a part of a committee that oversees the regulation of your whole study programme. You will get insights and scoops on what is going on behind the scenes. Topics that come up during Programme Committee meetings are – for instance – entry requirements for studies, drop-out rates or toilet visits during exams.

The student-members and staffmembers for the programme committees can be found at the RUG website.

It’s not possible to be part of both the YR and the PC. However, in some situations we make exceptions for certain students.