If you are currently doing a pre-master program and you are interested in a Year Representative position, you can sent an e-mail to  with your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter and your program, so we can see if there are Year Representative spots available for you program.

Currently, the Year Representatives of the pre-masters are:

  • Daniël Voortman (pre-master BA Health)
  • Xavi Madurell (pre-master Human Resource Management)
  • Joris Vierhout (pre-master International Economics & Business)
  • John Malkoun (pre-master Marketing)
  • Friederike Roller (pre-master International Business & Management)
  • Leonie Akkerman (pre-master International Business & Management)
  • Riccardo Brusori (pre-master Ba Strategic Innovation Management)
  • Sven Markus (pre-master Supply Chain Management)
  • Bram de Brabander (pre-master Technology and Operations Management)
  • Sunny Lam (pre-master Finance)