Faculty’s Policy of Program Committees

Quest is an independent body that aims to maintain and improve the quality of education at the Faculty of Economics and Business. One of their tasks is to select new student members for all the Program Committees, on behalf of the Faculty Board.

At the end of the academic year, in May/June, Quest will send an email to all bachelor  Program Committees to ask them to indicate the required number of student members and the names of existing student members whose membership will be continued.

At  the beginning of each academic year, in August, Quest will send an email to all Program Committees of master programs (chair and secretary) with the question to indicate the required number of students in their program committees.

We kindly ask all the Program Committees to reply to this email, since earlier indicated preferences might got lost.

Around the first of October, Quest will inform the Faculty Board and all candidates which members are selected after selection  the (new) candidates. The secretariat of the Faculty Board will send appointment letters to the new student members and  inform the Program Committees about their new members.