Since the Quest Board is sincerely appreciating Year Representative effort and help with regards to the improvement of the Educational Quality at our Faculty, the Board has decided to do something back.

The Board has decided to formalize Year Representative function, in the form of a Certificate. This Certificate will yield as a prove to external parties (e.g. study associations, companies) that the student was indeed doing extra-curricular activities besides the studies.

To obtain the Certificate, the student has to meet the following requirements:

·        The student has to be present at all the YR-meetings of the year.

·        The Board considers the student to be present when:

a) the student is present in person at the scheduled meeting, or

b) the student informs the Board that he/she cannot be present at the scheduled meeting ànd hands in a written evaluation 24 hours before this scheduled meeting takes place. (This respective written evaluation must conform to the points on the agenda)

When the respective student meets these aforementioned requirements, the Board will provide the student with the Year Representative Certificate.