Board Recruitment

The current Quest Board is now looking for their successors to take place in the Board of ‘21 – ‘22! On these pages under the heading Board Recruitment, you will find more information about doing a board year at Quest. You will also find a video, which very briefly explains how the Quest board is structured. Also have a look at our social media pages where we share our and previous board members’ experiences!

General information Board

The Board Member is a part-time board, that consists of four members. We all have our own official function, but at the core, we have the same responsibility: organising the Year Representation. Each year, Quest has around 160 Year Representatives (YRs) from more than 20 programmes who help improve the programmes at the FEB. By doing this, they help maintain the high quality education the Faculty is known for! Quest organises between 2 and 4 meetings with the YRs, where the courses are discussed on topics such as learning goals, teaching methods, literature, and assessment are discussed. The block as a whole is also evaluated. You can find more information under the tab ‘Year Representation’. 

We are furthermore responsible for recruiting Programme Committee (PC) members within the FEB. Quest is only responsible to recruit the members but has no other involvement with the actual meetings of the PCs. Programme Committees evaluate the quality of education of a programme, but consider the programmes as a whole rather than focussing on separate courses. The committees consist of both students and staff and hold an official advice function. You can find more information under the tab ‘Programme Committees’.

We are also involved in different projects within the FEB, such as the Bachelor & Master Forum in association with the Student Assessor, the Inclusivision project and the Teacher of the Year Award. 

You will of course get information from the current board to make the most out of your board year! During your board year, it is also possible to ask the old board any questions you may have.