During your board year at Quest you will learn a lot about the Faculty and the programmes, but also definitely about yourself. You will work together with the staff of the different programmes and the future Year Representatives to reach our common goal: to improve the quality of education within our Faculty! This means you will be in contact with many new people within the FEB and get to know how things work ‘behind the scenes’ in our Faculty. By doing this, you will also develop your (professional) communication skills and gain a larger network. The challenges during your board year will bring out the best in yourself, and you never have to do it alone as you have your fellow board members to count on! The Quest board is part-time, meaning that you can combine it with your studies with no problems.  


  • All nationalities are welcome!
  • You have to be enrolled in a study programme at the FEB
  • Able to spend ±12 hours per week on Quest work 
  • Social, friendly and driven 
  • Interested in developing your social and professional (communication) skills
  • Interested in the quality of education at the FEB
  • Preferred, but not required: some experience in student representation (YR, PC, FC, or other)