What is Quest?

Quest is a foundation which aims to improve the quality of education of the study programmes of the Faculty of Economics & Business. One of the main channels through which it tries to do this is by facilitating the faculty’s student representatives.

The following tasks belong to the portfolio of Quest:

  • – Front office to students regarding complaints and questions
  • – The link between the students and the faculty
  • – Coordination of Year Representatives (YR)
  • – Facilitate the Programme Committees (PC)
  • – Facilitate the Faculty Council
  • – Recruit student members for YR and PC
  • – Lecturer of the Year Award
  • – Editors of Nestor News feed
  • – Advise the faculty about education issues whenever they want to hear the students opinion.

Since it is the students who follow the study programmes and therefore have thorough knowledge about what could be improved, the student representatives are seen as very important to the quality of the faculty.  Quest guides and assists several governing bodies and works together with the student-member of the faculty board.

Quest’s main goals are to make our faculty’s study programmes as prestigious as possible and to improve to contact between the faculty and the students. After receiving the AACSB and EQUUS accreditations, our faculty already belongs to the top 1 percent best business schools worldwide. However, there are always things that can be improved. By pursuing the previously mentioned goals, Quest hopes to help raising the faculty to an even higher level.

By organising Year Representative meetings and Programme Committees, the faculty is provided with direct input. However, if you are not a member of one of these bodies, you can still help improve your studies and the faculty by contacting Quest directly. We welcome any compliments, complaints or remarks you might have about your studies, a course you followed, a lecturer or the faculty in general. You can contact us through email but you are also welcome to stop by our office in the middle of the Duisenberg Plaza.