To show you an insight how it is to work at Quest, we present you a testimonials of our few current and former board members.


Solveiga Sama ( Quest Board 15-16)

Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Solveiga Sama, I come from Latvia and currently I am following the second year of BSc. International Business program. Besides studies I am one of the board members of Quest Board 2015-2016.

Why did you decide to apply for the Quest board member position?

As already being a member of Quest and working as a Year Representative, I received an email promotion about the vacancy and what attracted me was the fact that the vacancy was also open to international students, which is a rare case at our faculty, as most board positions are for Dutch speaking students only. Moreover, I really liked the mission of Quest, namely to help to improve the quality of the studies, because I believe that is why we are studying at all. Lastly, I liked that the position is a part-time job, thus I would not incur any study delays.

What have you enjoyed the best so far in your position?

So far in my Quest board year I have enjoyed so many things. It is such a great pleasure to work with professors and students, as I see how valuable it is for them to have this opportunity to talk about the courses and programmes in order to improve them. Furthermore, I like that everyone with whom I work on a daily basis are very welcoming and open, it eases workload and also makes you happy about what you do.   Also in this job you can initiate new activities and take leadership, for example, this year we as a board introduced Year Representative participation certificates, as they were frequently requested in the previous years by Year Representatives.

What have you learned from working in Quest board?

Most importantly I have learned how to lead the discussion in the meetings, how to communicate professionally and also how to handle difficult situations. I believe these skills would be beneficial for my future career, as I would also like to work in a job where communication skills are essential. Moreover, I learned how to study and work more efficiently, because my studies and the Quest board take a lot of time, thus good planning and time management is crucial in succeeding at both activities.

Would you recommend to apply for this position and if yes, why?

I would definitely recommend applying for this position because I have obtained so many great personal skills and also just in general have great time working with professors and students of our faculty! If you are staying in Groningen next academic year and would like to do something valuable and contribute to the quality of the studies, you should definitely apply!


Joep Willemse ( Quest Board 14-15)

Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

I am Joep Willemse, last year I have been a Quest board member and this year I am the Student Assessor of our faculty. I am 23 years old and I originally come from Ulft which is a village in Gelderland bordering Germany. After quite some hesitation I chose to study Law which after one year proved to leave enough time to pursue the other study which I wanted to do. In my second year I took the chance and started to study Business Administration.

Why did you decide to apply for the Quest board member position in 2014?

At the time the vacancy was announced I was a member of the Programme Committee (PC) of Business Administration. During the meetings of the PC the minutes of the year representation were discussed which sparked my interest. The Quest board selects the Year Representative students and organizes their meetings. I was glad to be able to contribute to the PC and was encouraged by the positive experience which made me decide to apply for the Quest board.

What were the highlights of your board year?

The biggest highlight is to find what you have learned at the end of a board year. I knew that the Quest board held a serious task but I was surprised to see how much I could learn from it. Besides this more personal highlight I had the honour to present the Lecturer and Newcomer of the Year Award and to be present during some of the meetings with the peer review team of EQUIS accreditation.

How has the Quest board year contributed to your career and personal development?

I believe the Quest board year is one of a more serious nature I therefore feel that it adds significant value to your CV. In terms of personal development the board position helps to improve in particular your soft skills.

Would you recommend to apply for this position and if yes, why?

If you are interested in the quality of education, want to improve the faculty and its studies, want to have valuable experience and are up for a challenge? This is your chance.