If your pre-msc program isn’t listed below, Quest is still looking for Year Representatives for the your program! For more information click here, or send an email to .

Do you want to apply? Send an email as soon as possible to with your resume and motivation.

The year representatives of the pre-masters are:

  • Milou Cox (pre-MSc Change management)
  • Elisa Thiescheffer (pre-MSc Marketing)
  • Laurens Wendt (pre-MSc SCM)
  • Jelmer Winkel (pre-MSc SCM)
  • Runjing Zhang (pre-MSc Finance)
  • Nishanth Nandakumar (pre-MSc IE&B)
  • Marieke Kuijpers (pre-MSc IB&M)
  • Milou Zijlstra (pre-MSc IFM)
  • Ivar Visser (pre-MSc CM)